Original projects  – By global architects – For local investors 

Archisys Global Ltd is a centre of excellence in architecture based in London for the Middle East and GCC market that combines local knowledge with global architectural expertise to deliver a world-class service, efficient, sustainable and technologically advanced design solutions in six key sectors of recreation and entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, education, masterplanning and transportation and to create better buildings and places, a sustainable environment and a better tomorrow.

Why Archisys Global:
– The needed global expertise + local knowledge
– Award-winning successful projects in seven sectors
– The latest technology + innovation
– The needed resources
– The needed coordination and communication

All in one place with one single point of responsibility and contact

We are on a mission

  • To empower innovation and create better projects
  • To challenge the conventional construction process, changing the way projects are created and putting an end to the low- quality and inefficient projects through collaboration.
Jamal profile pic

Archisys Global is a diverse team of highly motivated individuals and specialist architects who are passionate about the built environment. They treat each project thoughtfully with the end user’s wellbeing at the heart of our values. The business development team is the backbone of the company, building long-standing relationship with customers, partners, suppliers and service providers.

Jamal Naber, the founder of Archisys Global, opened his first practice in 1996 in Jordan, going on to launching Archisys Global in London in 2015. Accredited for his work in residential, healthcare, commercial, retail, offices, hospitality and mixed-use architecture, Naber has a proven track record of achieving high quality and award-winning projects. Naber’s ambition for Archisys Global is to collaborate with international specialist architects and utilise his wider pool of local and technical know-how. As well as using his networks with the Middle Eastern market, he wishes to create a better built environment and a better tomorrow.

Our Ethos

We believe the fundamental striating point for achieving a positive outcome in design is having the right resources and strong business culture.

  • Sharing the same vision as our clients
  • Adopting the right technologies for each unique situation
  • Promoting innovation and sustainability
  • Enhancing our capability by working closely with local experts and global key partners
  • Encouraging collaborative culture and achieving the best possible results by working with others in the industry
  • Constantly developing through research and development
  • Constantly building our specialised know-how and experience