Archisys Global Ltd is a centre of excellence in architecture based in London for the Middle East and GCC market that combine the local knowledge with the global architectural expertise to deliver world-class service, efficient, sustainable and technologically advanced design solutions in six key sectors of healthcare, hospitality, education, master planning, leisure & recreation and transportation and to create better buildings and places, sustainable environment and better tomorrow


We believe that the fundamental starting point for achieving a positive outcome is having the right resources and a strong business culture. Our ethos is based on:

  • Sharing the same vision as our clients.
  • Enhancing the capability by working closely with local experts and global key partners.
  • Continually building our specialized know-how and experience.
  • Adopting the right technologies for each unique solution.
  • Promoting innovation and sustainability.
  • Learning through research and development.
  • A positive understanding of best practice.
  • Collaborative culture.

Our architecture is designed to meet the brief of the client, while always considering the wellbeing of the end-user and having a positive impact.

Why Us

Archisys Global delivers innovative design solutions to our clients by placing collaboration, technology and sustainability at the forefront of our business. We have formed close partnerships with top UK architects in order to specialize in key segments of the construction market. Our global resources – including specialist architects, engineers and local agents – have been carefully allocated to meet the increasing demands identified in the GCC and the Middle East market, allowing us to provide a world-class service of cutting-edge design.

With more than 25 years of experience working in the Middle East and GCC market, we offer local understanding as well as specialized know-how with our global partners. We create bespoke architectural solutions that address the cultural and social needs and design preferences of the occupants whilst also implementing the latest in technologies and sustainable architecture. This unique accumulation of know-how and business sophistication helps us to deliver exceptional projects that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

The Team

We have a diverse team of highly motivated individuals and specialist architects who are passionate about the built environment. They understand how architecture and the built environment perform, emphasizing the importance of technology, sustainability and digital design, whilst being sensitive towards the social, economic and political framework. Our global specialist architects and partners extend our team’s know-how into specific areas of excellence; from planning and the implementation of building services through to an in-depth knowledge of specific sectors in architecture. This allows Archisys Global to offer competitive solutions with world-class standards.

The business development team is the backbone of the company, building longstanding relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and service providers. With an expanding knowledge of the GCC and the Middle East market, the team brings cultural sensitivities to both established and new Archisys Global partnerships. The sustainability team is highly experienced in designing for the arid climate. They treat each project in a bespoke manner, placing the end users’ wellbeing at the heart. The team operates as a global forum, where contemporary solutions are implemented and each new set of learnings is passed on to the next project.

Jamal Naber

Jamal Naber is an architect with more than 25 years of experience. He opened his first practice in 1996 in Jordan and went on to launch Archisys Global in London in 2015. Accredited for his work in residential, healthcare, commercial, retail, offices, hospitality and mixed-use architecture, Naber has a proven track record of achieving high quality and award-winning projects. Naber’s ambition for Archisys Global is to collaborate with international specialist architects and utilize his wider pool of local and technical know-how and networks within the GCC and the Middle East market, to create a better built environment for future generations.