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Vantage Point

Archway Tower was a notorious, 18 storey, 1970s office building located above Archway underground station. GRID was appointed to redevelop the tower for Residential Rental use and kick start the regeneration of the Archway area. Though the concrete frame is retained the all new cladding system was purpose designed to accommodate the external structure, picture windows, and natural ventilation openings. To overcome the poor public realm and dark and inactive frontages, the developer asked for an enhanced and more visible entrance hall to the corner of the site to enliven the streetscape and help reduce the adverse wind conditions. But the greatest change was reserved for the roof top plant room which was to become double height shared amenity space in the form of a bronze box with two roof terraces. The existing building was composed of three ‘slabs’ visibly sliding past each other- a classic slab block technique. While the change of use was obtained through office to residential Permitted Development the cladding was replaced as part of a detailed application. To transform the over scaled, foreboding mass, the end walls (formerly in black concrete) were reclad in light stone and the other façades in deep, perforated aluminium coffers with floor to ceiling glazing. The coffers reflected east west light and the sloping cills reflected the sky. The result is a light and deeply modelled building. The floor plans are London Plan compliant and while a second means of escape was removed the remaining core was retained. Roof terraces and indoor amenity (more than) offset the balconies. The views to Hampstead and Central London have been opened up to the residents though were rarely experienced by the occupants of the former grim office building. Events in the amenity area also give local people a new experience.

Essential Living

Completed 2017

118 Apartments


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